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SLC brings a new level of immersion to your flight, from boarding to turnaround.

Welcome Aboard

Real-time Visual Simulation

In v1.5 (coming soon) you can see the cabin in real-time and watch your passengers walk around, take their seats and have the cabin crew perform their duties.

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Welcome Aboard

Real-time Pax Modelling

See how the passengers come on board the aircraft in real-time and how their individual personalities are modelled. (UI available in v1.3+)

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Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard!

A quick welcome aboard the aircraft from the captain to his trusting passengers...

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In-flight Services

In-Flight Services

Alcohol, hot drinks, nutritious meals and a complimentary movie - all part of the service.

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Erratic Flying

Fly Properly Or Else...

Watch what happens if you decide to be a bit over-zealous on the stick...

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Buckle Up!

Buckle up!

Improved cabin-crew sounds in v1.2! Now using a VST filter to make the crew sound like they're using a tannoy through the cabin.

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Landed? Or Arrived?


Another journey reaches its end - was it smooth, or do we need to dish out paracetamol? (v1.2)

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Bad weather? No problem!

The captain provides reassurance to the passengers when a go-around is required.

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