Feature Bucketlist

SLC is currently in "early access" mode which means it's still being improved - primarily based on your suggestions - in order to make it the best it can be.

If you have feedback on SLC, please contact me here » steve@lanilogic.com or the Discord Server - thank you!

Bucket List

These are a list of items currently in the works but not neccessarily ready for release yet.

Non-exhaustive list of improvements being worked on - I will add more as I come across them and you are actively encouraged to send more suggestions to steve@lanilogic.com. There will be minor tweaks as part of the update which are not listed here so if you don't see something don't worry, I just don't want to get bogged down maintaining multiple lists of bits I'm working on.

Major Tasks

Major tasks will be posted on the changelog once they're completed.

Minor Tweaks, Support Requests etc.

  • BUG Looping sound during "cooldown" during cabin issueIn progress

    Sometimes a sound plays continuously if a badly behaved passenger improves during a cabin crew issue.

  • Ability to specify sounds for morning/afternoon/evening/nightIn progress

    By appending -night (etc) to the sound filenames, we would be able to utilise the simulator local time to play only relevant messages .. such as "welcome aboard this morning's flight".

  • Sounds support multiple variations per event in soundpacksIn progress

    By appending -1, -2, -3 (etc) to the sound filenames, we would be able to randomly select a relevant sound when playing one for a given event. So welcome announcements would be randomised within the sound pack with unlimited variations.

  • Increased accessibility support for blind usersIn progress

    Right now elements which don't need to be seen are simply "collapsed" on the main form when they should be "hidden" instead. This is important because a screenreader can still see a collapsed item, so a blind user still receives information which is ultimately irrelevant to them. By hiding the element this will hopefully cut down on any superfluous information being presented to the user.

  • Colourblind supportIn progress

    Request for support for red/green colourblind users - perhaps symbols should be able to be different if colour-blindness mode is selected? Maybe "Filled" icons when Active?

  • Support for smaller aircraftREQUESTED

    If engines == 1, or passengers less than say, 10? Perhaps in-flight services should be disabled, and the application assume that the aircraft is GA - and thus not play the pilot -> passenger sounds files, but still allow you to fly and the people onboard the aircraft still react as normal.

    After careful consideration, this is not really within the scope of Self-Loading Cargo and so will not be implemented.

  • As passengers board, the aircraft weight should increaseREQUESTED

    I have had a request that an option be created to allow the aircraft weight to automatically increase/decrease as the passengers board/deboard - I will look into how feasible this is, and if I can do it I will add an option in settings to turn this facility on.

    This will probably not be implemented because it will screw with aircraft that use custom loading software and is just an added level of "could cause unwanted issues" that I'm not keen on!