Self-Loading Cargo

Real-time Simulation Of Passengers & Cabin Crew For X-Plane, P3D, FSX & FS2004.

  • Real-time Flight Feedback From Passengers
  • Provide In-Flight Services & Entertainment
  • Manage Ill and Disruptive Passengers
  • Over 40 Pilot, Ground & Cabin Crew Sounds
  • Over 30 In-Flight Conditions and Events Monitored

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Bring your simulated airliner flights to life with real-time feedback from your passengers. Manage in-flight services, deal with technical setbacks, medical issues, problematic passengers - then let them tell you how well the flight went.

Self-Loading Cargo has been designed from the ground up to bring a bit of interaction back to your flying - no more sitting for two or three hours with nothing to do while cruising to your destination for the fiftieth time this week. Now you have people to take care of, to nurture, to protect. If you want to keep that sweet, sweet, A+ pilot rating that is...

SLC simulates passengers individually, so every action you take needs to be planned in advance. For example, if people are thirsty, it might take a while for the drinks-trolley to reach them - and your satisfaction rating will decline.

Real-time Simulation

Passengers are individually simulated in real-time to react to your actions as a pilot while flying the plane - try to make them comfortable and don't forget to feed and water them at appropriate phases of the flight!

Crew Interaction

Over 40 high-quality sounds simulating the interaction between yourself, ground and the cabin crew.

They'll let you know when there's a problem - and you decide the best course of action.

Flight Reporting

Find out what your passengers thought of the flight - how well you landed, how happy they were with the on-board service and how well you handled in-flight problems such as medical emergencies and badly behaved passengers.

If you perform a rejected takeoff, you can choose whether or not to continue with the flight. Careful though, passengers are checking their watches...

Flight Management

Each phase of flight from boarding to deboarding is managed automatically with appropriate randomly generated ground, cabin and pilot interactions.

SLC tracks your control inputs to make sure you don't exceed comfort levels for pitch, roll and g-forces during the flight and landing - if you do, passengers might react negatively and your rating will suffer.


Passengers in SLC each have their own randomly-generated distinct personalities when they board the flight - some are angry, some are happy while some are anxious.

Depending on how they're feeling at that moment in time will determine how positively or negatively they react to various events that happen during the course of your flight.

In-Flight Services

SLC allows you to manage when alcohol, drinks and food services are offered to passengers during the flight, as well as if and when in-flight movies are played.

Don't forget - it might take some time for the cabin crew to reach all passengers onboard, so make sure you don't leave it too late or you'll start getting complaints!

If landing conditions aren't great at your destination, you can perform a go-around - but remember, people need to make their connecting flights...

Technical Problems

Ready for takeoff? Not so fast - it looks like the ground crew have discovered a problem, so you'll need to wait for them to release the aircraft.

Let's hope the passengers don't get too annoyed by the delay.

Medical Emergencies

Sometimes your passengers will suffer illnesses while onboard. The cabin crew will attempt to manage the situation but will ask you what you'd like to do - continue, or divert the flight?

The final decision lies with you.

Onboard Issues

Occassionally you might get a passenger who's had too much to drink or is simply being a bit loud.

It's up to you to decide whether or not the crew can handle the problem, or if you need to get the plane on the ground.

Everyone loves a good movie - it'd be an awful shame if passengers didn't get to see the end of theirs because you landed a little earlier than planned...